Poetry – Jacob Wren

The lagomorphic papal peril, Dermot Seymour, 2011, huile sur toile, 100cm x 120cm
The lagomorphic papal peril, Dermot Seymour, 2011, huile sur toile, 100cm x 120cm


Your rent goes up, you now need to work more hours to pay it, which means less free hours to protest the underlying political changes that led to the increase. A vicious cycle. When you are unemployed do you have time to protest or must you spent that time looking for work. There is something about time, about everyone remaining overextended, that keeps the status quo in place. When you are busy all the time, stopping, even for a moment, produces anxiety. Being precariously busy for money is the ego-gratifying trap that keeps each life in place, little time to think, little time to dream of anything else. And what would something else look like? Weekends and vacations are only shadows. And yet the hands want to work. There is one kind of anxiety when the overwork addiction momentarily pauses, and another kind when one genuinely does not feel useful in the world. Or to feel one’s use in perfectly doing nothing, more perfectly then anyone has ever done nothing for as long as life exists. Some have too much work, others too little. Some die of obesity, others of starvation. And, in the end, we all die a natural death of too much time.

Écrivain et metteur en scène né en 1971 à Jérusalem, Jacob Wren est l’auteur de Unrehearsed Beauty (Coach House Books, 1998), de Families Are Formed Through Copulation (Pedlar Press, 2007), et de Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed (Pedlar Press, 2010). Ses deux premiers livres ont parus en français au Quartanier, dans une traduction de Christophe Bernard, qui traduira aussi Revenge Fantasies… Jacob Wren vit à Montréal, où il est directeur artistique de la compagnie de théâtre PME-ART. – Le Quartanier

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