Poésie – Mathieu Renaud

Simon Bayliss, Wreck, huile et acrylique sur toile, 2012, 170 x 120 cm.


1 – untitled

I feel that I’m stuck

in a christmas globe

that hasn’t been shook

since Santa Claus quit the american bowling team

Yep, no more X on the scoreboard

2 – Camping

I’m an appartment building

who’s camping in the wood

the old lady of the 3rd floor is yelling :

⁃ »Why isn’t there any hot water? »

her old man is yelling :

⁃ »Why can’t I catch nothing on the television? »

and Richard Brautigan’s laughing on the balcony of the 7th floor.

He choked on a watermelon seed – his oven was still on –

and Death is laughing to death in the basement :

don’t ever bring Richard Brautigan to camping, Death said;

he’ll kill the whole camp in a single laugh.

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